DUDE News: 13 For 13, Ovi's Hot Fiance, UFC 155 Facial Aftermath, and Friends Don't Let Friends Drink and Drive!

13 Big Flicks For 2013!

...should be a strong year for cinema. Who says cinema? That was weird. There’s a bunch of badass movies coming out this year, that’s what I should’ve said. Here’s 13 movies to keep an eye on in 2013: http://is.gd/zXh70h

 Ovi Gets Engaged!!! )))))))

...our pal Alex Ovechkin got engaged over the weekend. To a chick that many people consider one of the hottest female athletes on the planet. So, whether you’re an Ovi fan looking to congratulate your boy, or a hater looking for more reasons to hate, here’s a look at the future Mrs.Ovechkin: http://is.gd/qAW2Qk

 UFC 155 Aftermath: Joe Lauzon’s Face. Yikes.

...Saturday night’s co-main event fight was spectacular. If you missed the scrap between Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller, FIND A WAY TO WATCH THAT FIGHT. It was incredible, and it had everything MMA fans love about MMA. Gusty performances, sportsmanship, carnage, submission attempts, it was AWESOME. 4 days later, Joe doesn’t look so good: http://instagram.com/p/T820B0qb-v/

THAT Is Friendship.

...before we go any further, you should know that some of the language in this video could be pretty offensive. That being said, I think it’s a pretty cool concept. A dude knocks out his best friend, to prevent him from drinking and driving. Again, you’ve been warned about the language: 

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