DUDE News: Anderson Silva the Ninja, Who's Hotter Than Mila, and The WWL?

Anderson Silva is a Ninja.
...if you missed UFC 153 on Saturday, you missed a pretty solid card, up and down, with a main event as brief as most people expected it to be. Anderson Silva made short work of Stephan Bonnar, and gave more proof as to why he’s the greatest of all time. Wanna see? There’s a couple of cool .gif images right HERE: http://is.gd/T1hSiO

Who’s Hotter Than Mila?
...apparently the gang over at dailycaller.com found Esquire’s declaration of Mila Kunis as “The Sexiest Woman Alive” to be kind of offensive. They even went to the trouble of preparing a list of 10 women they think are hotter than Mila. There’s also a slideshow. They may be completely wrong (because there’s no one on this earth hotter than Mila Kunis), but the presentation is worth a look: http://is.gd/e6ANF6

Say Hello to the WWL:
...still trying to fill that void that the NHL lockout has left in your life? How about the WWL? Nope, not the Wisconsin Water-Polo League. The World Wingsuit League. BADASS, thanks to CJAY listener Trent for the tip on this one:

Prize Password:
“Let’s remove any argument for Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, or Tie Domi. Anderson Silva is the greatest combat athlete EVER.”

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