DUDE News: The First Lone Ranger Trailer, Pantera Rumors, and Maybe The Best Drive-Thru Prank EVER.

Johnny Depp as Tonto?!
...uhhh, did anyone else not know that Johnny Depp is gonna play “Tonto” in an upcoming “Lone Ranger” movie? Seriously, I had no clue. More info, and the first trailer, HERE: http://bit.ly/Sq4G0H

Pantera Rumors...
...it’s true, this isn’t the first rumor we’ve heard about a Pantera reunion. Most of the rumors involve Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society filling Dimebag’s guitar role (RIP, Dime). For a variety of reasons, these rumors always end up not panning out. But the latest reason everyone’s talking? Vocalist Phil Anselmo says he’s talked about this exact “reunion” WITH Zakk Wylde. More details, and rumors, HERE: http://bit.ly/QF5ywf

Maybe The Best Drive Thru Video EVER.
...one of the videos being passed around most right now at CJAY World HQ. A dude in an E.T. mask, going through the drive-thru, placing his order with the voice of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The result is random, yet glorious:

Prize Password:
“It’s safe to say, before today, I’d never seen a dude in an ET mask talking like Stone Cold. Scratch that one off the bucket list.”

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