DUDE News: Prison for Downloaders, Vodka Pizza, and a Virtual Tour of the Live In It To Win It Truck!

Downloading = Prison Time?!
...it’ll be pretty interesting to see if this ends up being at all effective. Apparently, in Japan, they’re going to start trying to imprison people who illegal download stuff. Uhhh, for the record, I’ve never downloaded/streamed anything illegally, umm, uhhh, ever. Here’s the story: http://bit.ly/SyKl3Q

Alcoholic Pizza?!
...a little food PORN injection for you Wednesday DUDE News. There’s a pizza place in Boston now offering pizza made with a crust soaked in vodka. Not just a little vodka for flavor, either. We’re talking enough booze included that you have to be 21+ to order the friggin’ thing. Have a look: http://bit.ly/RxgwUj

We’re Giving Away A Badass New Truck!
...we’ve got  MASSIVE contest on the way with CJAY’s “Live In It To Win It”, where we’ll be giving away a badass brand new truck. Here’s a video tour, hosted by yours truly, of the aforementioned badass brand new truck:

Prize Password:
“Prison time might just be enough to make me quit downloading illegally! Except those Japanese adult cartoons...”

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