DUDE News: Top 100 Female Sports Sex Symbols, New Soundgarden, Things You WON'T Hear During the NHL Lockout!

The Top 100 Female Sex Symbols in Sports.
...this is AWESOME. Thanks to the crew over at Bleacher Report, we now have a list of the top 100 female sex symbols in professional sports. Hot female athletes, reporters, etc. You’ve worked hard this week, enjoy: http://bit.ly/S8bj1W

New Soundgarden!
...our first full-blown new Soundgarden track has arrived. It’s called Been Away Too Long” (you’re damn right!), and you can listen to it, HERE: http://bit.ly/PsVt2r

Things You WON’T Hear During the NHL Lockout:
...no explanation needed. The guys at Hoodwinked Films are always doing funny s***, and this might be their best yet. Things you WON’T hear during the NHL lockout:

Prize Password:
“I think Gary Bettman’s just misunderstood.”

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