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No more busy signals, now you can connect with Calgary's Best Rock CJAY 92 24/7 with TEXT CJAY.
It's pretty simple, now you can rock with CJAY 92 on your cell by texting straight to the CJAY studios to chat with your fave CJAY 92 DJ, play contests, make a request, send us a traffic tip or a a simple "CJAY ROCKS!".
All you have to do is Text : 929292

Sending a Text

To send a text message to CJAY 92 or participate in a contest:
Enter the destination number : 929292
Then write what you want
Send your message
Eg (To : 929292 , message : Hi Reaper, wanna go for a beer? )

*Standard rates apply.

Please email for any mobile services questions and customer service.

For a list of frequently asked questions Click Here


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