This is what your woman wants more of in bed, we're very close to getting this awesome hangover cure and times when it's okay to cat call.

Things women want in bed but are too afraid to ask for:

  • You would be SHOCKED to find out what kind of freaky sh!t your girl wants in bed, but is too fearful to ask for. It’s so disappointing to hear women talk about their sexual fantasies, only to find out that they’ve never indulged in any of them. This can be easily solved, and it’s honestly the responsibility of the woman to fix it! As heartbreaking as it is, men simply aren’t mind readers, so you’ve got to speak up! However, it’s not always that easy for someone to completely open up about what they want more of in the bedroom, so this video is a bit of a cheat sheet for any guys that want to make that extra effort to please their ladies (trust me, make the damn effort). Check out the video, take some notes, and blow her mind!



Say GOODBYE to hangovers!....soon.....hopefully....

  • When this product shows up in Canada, your life is going to be forever changed. Berocca is a vitamin tablet that dissolves in water and does an amazing job at eliminating your hangover. Bayer recently announced that it’s going to become available in MERICUH in the near future...and I’m hoping it starts showing up in the great white North as well. It’s available in a ton of countries already, so if you’ve ever done any travelling you’ve likely spotted this glorious item before. Now, we’ve all heard of the gazillion products on the market that allegedly “cure” hangovers just like this one claims to do, but I speak from personal experience...these bad boys work like magic. Here’s some info to read up on about Berocca – I’ll keep you posted on its availability in Canada whenever they decide to be kind enough to sell it to us.  


How to tell when it's okay to cat call at someone:

  • Does cat calling actually work? Like...have you ever gotten a positive reaction from a woman after you shouted at her in the street, regardless of how complimenting your words were? It’s doubtful, and everyone knows it. Cat calling is one of the least appealing behaviors someone could display, and even PLAYBOY agrees! This is a flowchart created by a graphic designer in New York that very easily helps you decide if you should or should not cat call at someone. This should be printed out and hung up in every home and place of employment everywhere.


4 year-old shows you how she feels about the world's fanciest food:

  • This 4 year old was taken to one of the world’s best restaurants, French Laundry, for some food critiquing. It is so satisfying to see some honest reaction to overly-fancy food because - let’s get real - a lot of it looks pretty gross. The fancy food culture seems to have gotten a little out of control...wouldn’t you rather gorge on a greasy pizza or a massive bowl of cereal? Check out her reactions here.


Wanna get intimate? Let's tweet at each other ;)




PS....Apparently this is what your boyfriend does after an argument.


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