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Gerry Forbes Show Playoff Picks w/ TSN's Steve Kouleas

Posted By: Steve The Grunt · 4/16/2014 2:02:00 PM

We had our always entertaining TSN Hockey Insider Steve Kouleas join us on the the eve of the best time of the year to make our 2014 NHL Playoff picks. Feel free to use these in your pool.  Mostly Kool's though.....  He actually knows what the hell he's talking about.


Colorado Avalance vs Minnesota Wild

Kool - Avs  Forbes - Avs  Stephen - Wild  Dawg - Wild


St. Louis Blues vs Chicago Blackhawks

Kool - Hawks  Forbes - Hawks  Stephen - Hawks  Dawg - Hawks  (Sorry Blues fans)


Anaheim Ducks vs Dallas Stars

Kool - Ducks  Forbes - Stars  Stephen - Stars  Dawg - Ducks


San Jose Sharks vs L.A. Kings

Kool - Kings  Forbes - Kings  Stephen - Kings - Dawg - Sharks


Boston Bruins vs Detroit Red Wings

Kool - Bruins  Forbes - Bruins  Stephen - Bruins  Dawg - Bruins


Tampa Bay Lightning vs Montreal Canadiens

Kool - Habs  Forbes - Habs  Stephen - Bolts  Dawgs - Bolts


Pittsburg Penguins vs Columbus Blue Jackets

Kool - Pens  Forbes - Pens  Stephen - Jackets  Dawg - Jackets


New York Rangers vs Philladelphia Flyers

Kool - Flyers  Forbes - Flyers  Stephen - Flyers  Dawg - Rangers


Heeeeeere we go!!


- Stephen

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