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The Octagon Girls Have Their Own Instagram, Star Wars Spinoffs, Tommy Lee's Moonlighting For WHO?, & How To Pop Champagne With A Sword!

Posted By: JD · 5/9/2014 6:59:00 AM

The Octagon Girls Have An Instagram Account!

…so “UFC Fight Night: Brown vs Silva” is tomorrow night. It’s on free TV, and a pretty decent card. The cool thing about having all these UFC events now? There’s a bunch of Octagon girls now, not just 2 or 3. And the non-PPV events? That means we get face time with Octagon girls we might not normally see. This is the perfect time to tell you, that said Octagon girls have their own separate Instagram account. So basically, if you’re on Instagram, you should follow the shit out of THIS, and fill your feed up with Octagon girl goodness: http://goo.gl/RcyFBE 

Star Wars Spinoffs?

…if you’re one of those people sincerely concerned about the state of Star Wars, now that Disney has their filthy paws all over the franchise, you’ll find this new fairly disconcerting. They’re not just planning new Star Wars flicks, ...

Nina Agdal's New Lingerie Pics, A Spring Breakers Sequel, Self-Healing Dinosaurs, & A BRAND NEW Trailer For The Next Planet Of The Apes!

Posted By: JD · 5/8/2014 8:09:00 AM

Nina Agdal’s Got New Lingerie Pics!

…hey, you guys! Nina Agdal has new lingerie photos out! Nice to see she’s rebounded after being upset in our Miss March Madness tournament. Do we care what lingerie she’s repping? I suppose the lady readers of DUDE News might. “Leonisa”, apparently. Now that all bases have been covered, here’s the pics! http://goo.gl/zrU7Hr 

Spring Breakers…Sequel?

…I can’t be the only one surprised by this next piece of news. Remember “Spring Breakers”? Tons of hype about the movie, tons of debauchery in it, but I was pretty sure we were all in agreement that in wasn’t THAT good of a movie, from a critical standpoint. Well, apparently I’m stupid, and so are you if you hated the first “Spring Breakers”. They’re making a sequel: http://goo.gl/M98XQi

Self Healing Dinosaurs?!

…let’s be clear, dinosaurs were already terrifyingly badass creatures to begin with. And now, news of a ...

Heather Graham Is KILLING IT In Californication, Duff Beer Is A Real Thing, Glacier Skywalk In Jasper, & The 1st Trailer For FOX's "Gotham"!

Posted By: JD · 5/7/2014 8:31:00 AM

Bravo, Heather Graham, Bravo!

…if you haven’t been watching this, the seventh and final season of Californication, you’ve been missing out. Not only on one of the better seasons in recent memory, but also on 44 year old Heather Graham, who’s joined the cast for their final bow. Heather looks GREAT at 44, and plays what the show calls, “a ridiculous f***ing MILF.” Here’s a recent interview she did with Esquire: http://goo.gl/TT8bzI …and some photos of her at 44: http://goo.gl/KEHFJh

Duff Beer Is About To Become A Real Thing!

…pretty cool news out of Australia, they’re prepping for the real-life release of Duff Beer, the official alcoholic beverage of Homer J Simpson. Not only is Duff gonna be available for purchase, they’re going to turn Sydney into Springfield for it’s release, including Moe’s Tavern: http://goo.gl/6GBB9a

Glacier SkyWalk Looks NUTS!

…they just opened up the Glacier SkyWalk in Jasper, and if ...


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