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Heather Graham Is KILLING IT In Californication, Duff Beer Is A Real Thing, Glacier Skywalk In Jasper, & The 1st Trailer For FOX's "Gotham"!

Posted By: JD · 5/7/2014 8:31:00 AM

Bravo, Heather Graham, Bravo!

…if you haven’t been watching this, the seventh and final season of Californication, you’ve been missing out. Not only on one of the better seasons in recent memory, but also on 44 year old Heather Graham, who’s joined the cast for their final bow. Heather looks GREAT at 44, and plays what the show calls, “a ridiculous f***ing MILF.” Here’s a recent interview she did with Esquire: http://goo.gl/TT8bzI …and some photos of her at 44: http://goo.gl/KEHFJh

Duff Beer Is About To Become A Real Thing!

…pretty cool news out of Australia, they’re prepping for the real-life release of Duff Beer, the official alcoholic beverage of Homer J Simpson. Not only is Duff gonna be available for purchase, they’re going to turn Sydney into Springfield for it’s release, including Moe’s Tavern: http://goo.gl/6GBB9a

Glacier SkyWalk Looks NUTS!

…they just opened up the Glacier SkyWalk in Jasper, and if you want a quick day trip this spring/summer, it looks like a pretty rad option. The views are pretty crazy, and you can bundle up a hotel with the SkyWalk tour. Take a lady out there, dudes. Chicka, chicka: http://glacierskywalk.ca/

The Gotham Trailer Is HERE!

…and finally, yesterday we got the first trailer for FOX’s “Gotham”, which serves as a prequel to Batman. Had my doubts, but at least from this first 2 minute look, I’m in:

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