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New Kate Upton Material, The Perfect App For Beer Enthusiasts, Jacob's Great 500, & Mila Kunis' Russian Smackdown!

Posted By: JD · 5/6/2014 8:10:00 AM

New Kate Upton, You Guys!!!

…Tuesday’s the new Monday, man. Just a bunk-ass day, hard to get going, especially with weather like this. How bout some new Kate Upton material? Would that help? You’re damn right it would: http://goo.gl/7Q7jhB

Untappd Is The PERFECT App For Beer Lovers!

…one of my favourite new iPhone apps of the last few months is called “Untappd”, which is GREAT for craft brew fans. It’s actually available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, and is kinda like a Foursquare idea for beers. You check in, log your beers, rate them, and interact with other beer lovers: https://untappd.com/

Jacob’s A Really Cool 15 Year Old Music Nerd.

…I’ve been wanting to tuck this one into DUDE News for a little while now. One of our Rockaholics, Karra, passed this on about a month ago. Her 15 year old son, Jacob, is a big music fan, so he’s decided to take on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest albums of all time. That’s like 700 hours of listening. Pretty ambitious stuff, and he’s blogging the whole thing, with each passing album. Have a look: http://thegreat500.blogspot.ca/

Mila Kunis, Everybody!

…and finally, just when you think Mila Kunis can’t get any hotter, this video shows up on Reddit yesterday. Ms.Kunis with the verbal smack down on a Russian reporter, in Russian, circa 2011:

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