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FHM's 10 Sexiest Women In GIF Form, A Canadian Who Wants To Replace Craigy Ferg, Social Media Drug Dealers Are Dumb, & EA UFC Keeps Looking Cooler!

Posted By: JD · 5/5/2014 7:52:00 AM

FHM’s 10 Sexiest Women, In GIFS.

…so remember how FHM magazine unleashed their annual “100 Sexiest Women” list on Friday? Well, If you thought we were gonna provide only one day of coverage of said list, you were goddamn mistaken. It’s a pretty big deal, this yearly ranking by FHM. Let’s zero in on the Top 10. Here’s the 10 sexiest, each with a taller full of GIFs: http://goo.gl/KN6Wqg

Who’s Gonna Replace Craig Ferg? Maybe A Canadian…

…there’s been a whole bunch of shuffle in the late night TV ranks the last couple months, and another significant change coming. Craig Ferguson steps down in a few months too, and there’s all kinds of speculation as to who’ll get his gig. One of the dudes getting a lot of support on Twitter is a Canadian comedian you’re probably familiar with. And honestly, his smart ass vibe just might do it. Who is it? Click HERE: http://goo.gl/PKnvvA

Social Media Drug Dealers Aren’t The Smartest..

…I didn’t realize until I read this yesterday, but apparently drug dealing on Instagram is a pretty big thing. Special hashtags and everything. As you might expect, the kind of people who deal drugs via social media aren't Mensa members, by any means. As a matter of fact, a lot of them are pretty stupid, posting selfies and everything: http://goo.gl/YFjRkF

EA Sports: UFC Just Keeps Getting Cooler!

…and finally, ANOTHER new trailer for EA Sports: UFC, this one showing off the gameplay, and a career mode that uses the “Ultimate Fighter” TV show model. Super cool. This thing is FINALLY out on June 17th:

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