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The Flyers Ice Girls Are Super Distracting, What The F*** Should I Eat?, That Motley Crue/Godsmack Beef Is Still A Thing, & Godzilla's Asian Trailer Looks RAD!

Posted By: JD · 5/1/2014 8:27:00 AM

The Flyers Ice Girls WILL Distract You.

…in case you haven’t seen it, a pretty hilarious photo went viral yesterday, from the Flyers/Rangers game 6. One of the arena staff dudes got caught checking out one of the Flyers’ Ice Girls, as they cleaned up the hats from Wayne Simmonds’ hat trick. Here’s the photo: http://goo.gl/2rEYFd …and here’s a gallery of Flyers’ Ice Girls, just for reference. It’s a real shame we won’t see them until October: http://goo.gl/dB8iA6

What The F*** Should I Eat?

…I don’t know how I’d never seen this corner of the Internet until yesterday, but thanks to a couple of the dudes from Virgin Radio who passed the link on. It’s called “What The F*** Should I Eat”, which is vulgar little website that’ll give you all kinds of rad recipes in a pretty cool format: http://goo.gl/MrDtak

Motley Crüe Still Hates Godsmack, Apparently.

…something else I had no idea about until yesterday? Apparently there’s a long running beef between Motley Crüe and Godsmack. It goes back a ways, there’s been music written about it, and as we learned in a tweet from Nikki Sixx yesterday, it’s still very much a thing in 2014: http://goo.gl/MrDtak

Godzilla’s Asian Trailer Is Even More Awesome!

…and finally, the Asian trailer for “Godzilla”, because it’s awesome, and I can’t wait for this sumbitch to hit theatres on May 16th. We’ve got a CJAY pre-screening, by the way. I’d be keeping your ears to the ground..

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