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WHO IS JESSICA NIGRI, Justice League Movie Is A GO, The Bolivian Soccer Ghost, & Star Wars: Mouth Noise Edition!

Posted By: JD · 4/28/2014 8:17:00 AM


…who is Jessica Nigri?! This is killing me, you guys. Photos started popping up all over social media this weekend, of a beautiful blonde girl in a billion different costumes down at the Calgary Comic Expo. Based upon my Google homework, she’s a professional cosplay girl. Basically, she dresses up in costumes for a living. Professionally hot, if you will. If anyone else has any other intel, that  would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, here she is on Facebook: http://goo.gl/8dqfPV …Twitter: https://twitter.com/OJessicaNigri …and Instagram: http://instagram.com/jessicanigri 

Justice League Movie Is A GO!

…some big comic book movie news confirmed last night. That Justice League movie we’ve all been wondering about? CONFIRMED! Some bad news about the Wonder Woman movie potentially, but still. Justice League is a GO! http://goo.gl/U7egTP

The Bolivian Soccer Ghost!

…I had every intention of getting this link in late this week, but we just flat out ran outta space and time. So apologies for the tardiness, here’s one of the gnarliest links I’ve seen in a while. A ghost, running through the crowd and stadium at a soccer game in Bolivia. Seriously, how else do you explain THIS: http://goo.gl/jyxgAJ 

Star Wars: Mouth Noise Edition?

…and finally, a video that went viral over the weekend. Some dude re-dubbed some Star Wars footage with brand new audio. It’s Star Wars, done with mouth noises:

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