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Catching Up With Margot Robbie, Frozen Beer Is Coming, Find Out How Much Of Your Life Has Been Wasted With TV, & All The Celebrity Callers From Frasier!

Posted By: JD · 4/24/2014 8:07:00 AM

Catching Up With Margot Robbie!

…keeping tabs on one of our favourite DUDE News hot chicks, here’s what Margot Robbie’s been up to. Aside from being absolutely robbed in the quarterfinals of the Miss March Madness tourney, she’s also been enjoying some downtime after the success of Wolf Of Wall Street, with another pretty big movie on deck: http://goo.gl/cFOPUZ

Brace Yourselves, Frozen Beer Is Coming..

…keep your eye on this new beer trend. Apparently it started in Japan, but has already arrived in Canada, with Toronto bars offering it. Frozen beer, which is a little more than just an iceberg, if that’s what you’re thinking. Have a look: http://goo.gl/Xv27Dp

How Much Of Your Life Has TV Wasted?

…you may or may not wanna give this new web tool a go. It’s a calculator that’ll tell you just how much of your life you’ve wasted watching TV. Again, maybe information you’d be better off without. http://goo.gl/TZb1bj

All The Celebrity Callers From Frasier!

…and finally, remember the show Frasier? Apparently every single caller he had on his radio show was a celebrity. Kinda cool to hear the voices and then see who the celebs were. Have a look:

Prize Password: 

“Brace yourselves, frozen beer is coming..”

(this password could get you a $100 Milestones gift card! I’d text it in to 929292 right now, if I were you!)

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  1. Painkiller posted on 04/24/2014 10:28 AM
    "Toronto bars offering it. Frozen beer, which is a little more than just an iceberg"

    If you are talking about the Iceberg Beer Float that has hit the market, that is totally a different thing than a frozen beer.

    Iceberg is a Frozen citrus Vodka that you put into your beer. So technically it isnt a frozen beer per say :)
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