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The Hottest Rock Star Daughters, An Autobiography Of A Baseball Mascot, Coachella Douchebags, & Some Quick Live Footage From Led Zep's Box Set!

Posted By: JD · 4/15/2014 8:29:00 AM

The Hottest Rock Star Daughters!

…thank goodness for the Internet. I mean, 20 years ago, how would we have known which rock stars had the hottest daughters? And now, websites like Loudwire do all the heavy lifting for us. With no further ado, here’s the 30 hottest rock star daughters: http://is.gd/ARr1bB

An Autobiography Of A Baseball Mascot? 

…if you’re always keeping your ear to the ground for new reading material, this looks like it has some potential. “Yes It’s Hot In Here” is an autobiography of AJ Mass, a former New York Mets mascot. This dude’s seen some stuff. Here’s an excerpt from the book, which is out now, where Mr.Met is warned to not get too close to President Clinton. Disobedience would mean being taken out by snipers, positioned all around the stadium, apparently: http://is.gd/C3gE2Q

Coachella: Beware The Douchebags.

…if you’ve been on the fence about planning a trip to Coachella one of these summers, be forewarned. The festival attracts some SERIOUS douchebags. Don’t believe me? VICE magazine offers you a look at the “bros” of Coachella this year, and the douchebaggery is rampant here, gang! http://is.gd/1g4ty1

Led Zep’s Box Sets Look SICK!

…and finally, Led Zep’s forthcoming deluxe boxsets are looking pretty sweet. The latest trailer features unreleased live footage from Paris! Have a look:

Prize Password: 

“Beware the Coachella douchebags.”

(this password could get you a $100 Milestones gift card! I’d text it in to 929292 right now, if I were you!)

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