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A Scantily Clad Game Of Thrones Character In GQ, The Unleakable Album, Maybe The Creepiest Place On Earth, & Seth Rogen's SNL Monologue!

Posted By: JD · 4/14/2014 8:34:00 AM

A Scantily Clad Game Of Thrones Character In GQ!

…I haven’t watched much Game of Thrones, literally just the first couple episodes before I got myself addicted to Breaking Bad. So I don’t know what character Natalie Dormer plays, whether she’s a hero or a villain, or what house she belongs to. Did I get that last part right? Either way, whether you watch GoT or not, Natalie’s new photos for April’s GQ are pretty phenomenal: http://is.gd/dQ4h45

The Un-leakable Album?

…it’s quite nearly impossible for any new album to NOT leak online in 2014. With the Internet being the beast that it is, there’s almost no way to keep an album under wraps until it’s actual release date. Some artists laugh it off, others get pissed off, but one group has figured out a way to GUARANTEE that their new album won’t leak. More HERE: http://is.gd/bVHOfX

Maybe The Creepiest Place On Earth.

…by far the gangliest thing you’ll read today, possibly this entire month. Apparently, there’s some forbidden island near New York that contains one million bodies buried in mass graves, dug by convicts. It’s been a Civil War cemetery, a training camp, a prison, a workhouse, a mental asylum, and a missile base. And a bunch of bodies buried there. Did I mention it’s guarded, because you can’t visit it without permission? This is the kinda shit that horror movies are made of: http://is.gd/fwepTG

Seth Rogen’s SNL Opening Monologue!

…and finally, Seth Rogen’s opening monologue from SNL on Saturday. Hopefully this YouTube link is still working:

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