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Christy Mack Makes Porn Less Scary, A GREAT Kurt Cobain Read, The Rob Ford Video Game,& A New Godzilla Trailer!

Posted By: JD · 4/7/2014 9:04:00 AM

Christy Mack Makes Porn Less Scary!

…as previously stated last week, it’s not all about photo galleries when it comes to kicking off your DUDE News every day. Sometimes, it’s an article about a hot chick, or in this case, an interview. This one’s from October of last year, and the source is VICE Magazine. The subject? Adult film star Christy Mack. The article’s titled, “Hanging Out With PornStar Christy Mack Made Me Less Scared Of Porn”. Don’t worry, no images that are NSFW, but the content is a little risqué, be forewarned: http://is.gd/kqAba3

Kurt Cobain’s Death, A First Person Account.

…the Internet was flooded with Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley material this weekend, as Saturday marked the anniversary of their deaths, 20 and 12 years ago respectively. One of the best articles I found was from Billboard, and a first person account from one of their editors, who was in Seattle the day Kurt died, and for several days afterward. Fascinating stuff: http://is.gd/xpqysY

The Rob Ford Video Game Is Real, And Rad!

…if you thought the Ford circus was winding down, you were very, very mistaken. Apparently, he’s been approached by the same people that do Duck Dynasty, about doing a Mayor Ford reality show. Seriously. Maybe my favourite thing on the Internet right now? The Rob Ford video game. Fight off reporters and cops, while trying to score booze and drugs. Amazing! http://is.gd/WZBPmi

New Godzilla Trailer Is Here…WOW, Dude.

…and finally, it’s not very often that we get movie trailers on Saturdays, but this weekend was an exception to the rule. The extended trailer for “Godzilla” is here, AND IT LOOKS SUPER BADASS:

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“Was porn really that scary to begin with?”

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