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Miranda Kerr In GQ UK, Wooly Mammoths In Northern Alberta, & Secret Broadcast Cover Nirvana!

Posted By: JD · 4/4/2014 9:19:00 AM

Miranda Kerr’s In GQ UK!

…because it’s in the UK edition of GQ magazine, we’re all forgiven for not knowing that Miranda Kerr had a bunch of new photos out. However, if you don’t click this link, you’ll no longer be eligible for pardon, mmmmkay? Cool. Also, in the article, she talks about her breakup with Orlando Bloom, and how that’s opened her up to the possibility of dating females too. See? It’s not just about the photos, it’s the articles too: http://is.gd/vOSCRZ

Here’s That Wooly Mammoth Article I Mentioned Yesterday.

…for anyone calling BS on yesterday’s radio show topic, here’s the link to the story I referenced. A South Korean company bought a bunch of property in Northern Alberta, and the speculation is, they’re looking to breed wooly mammoths, as high-end pets: http://is.gd/yD893Y

Most Expensive Burgers In ‘Murica!

…a casual Friday click here, whether you’re heading to the States soon and wanna check one of these out, or you’re just looking for some reading in the can, while you hide from the boss. It’s the most expensive burgers in America, and as you might assume, some of these are pretty gnarly: http://is.gd/l1CGnJ

Secret Broadcast Cover Nirvana!

…and finally, a band whose music we’re starting to play a bit of, Secret Broadcast. They just dropped a cover of Nirvana’s “Breed”, and it’s real decent:

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