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Victoria Van Violence, New Game Of Thrones Characters, Breakfast For Dinner, & First Look @ Trailer Park Boys Season 8!

Posted By: JD · 4/3/2014 9:12:00 AM

Meet Victoria Van Violence!

…yesterday, a nice social media argument broke out when I posted photos of Tom Brady’s wife in DUDE News, despite the fact all I did was refer to her as “pretty”, and mention that she looked good in her new bikini photos. With that in mind, I just wanted to clear something up. We start almost every edition of DUDE News with an attractive female, because I’m a very big fan of women. It doesn’t come from a place of sexism, or anything of the sort. Furthermore, I do my best to feature all kinds of models, with different looks and sizes, with no discrimination. Attractive comes in all kinds of different forms. With that in mind, here’s a young lady with a bunch of tattoos, and green hair. Her name’s Victoria Van Violence, she’s what’s called an “alt-model”, and she’s sexy as hell: http://is.gd/EIOqob

Meet The New Game Of Thrones Characters!

…Game of Thrones season 5 debuts this Sunday, and the Internet can hardly contain it’s excitement. With that in mind, get familiar with this season’s new characters, including a few adult film stars? Yup: http://is.gd/i2m4Ib

Breakfast For Dinner Game Changers!

…one of our Rockaholics, Giselle, sent me this link on Facebook a couple days ago. “31 Game-Changing Breakfast For Dinner Recipes”? This is the kind of stuff I’d like to see more of from the people over at BuzzFeed: http://is.gd/Wllw97

Trailer Park Boys Season 8: First Look!

…and finally, yesterday we got the first official trailer for Trailer Park Boys season 8, which will be exclusively on Netflix this fall. Honestly, I was skeptical, but this looks kinda rad:

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