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Mrs.Tom Brady Looks GREAT, A Fishy Edmonton Newspaper Ad, Charity Paintball On May Long, & Sam Adams Brewery's April Fools!

Posted By: JD · 4/2/2014 9:13:00 AM

Mrs.Tom Brady Looks GREAT!

…great piece of news #1? Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching, meaning all the famous pretty girls are doing bikini photo shoots. Great piece of news #2? Gisele Bundchen, aka Mrs.Tom Brady, is one of those pretty females mentioned. Here she is, steaming up cameras for H&M: http://is.gd/qH95ro

This Oilers Newspaper Ad Is Fishy.

…I’m posting this story because I think it’s really interesting to any hockey fan, never mind the fact that there’s a ton of Oilers fans in Calgary, too. Granted, many of those fans are in hiding, because it’s a shameful existence being an Oilers fan these days. Just when you think it can’t become more of a trainwreck, it does. Some “fan” took out a full page ad in the Edmonton Journal on Sunday, with an open letter to fellow fans. The speculation is, the whole thing is a rouse, and the letter was actually written/paid for by Oilers brass. Wild, right? Here’s the ad: http://is.gd/57fU5u …it does seem a little sketchy.

Wanna Hurt Your Friends For A Good Cause?

…if you’re into charity, and hurting your friends, this could be right up your alley. My pals out at Capture The Flag paintball are lining up a big charity tournament for May. If you’re interested, all the details are HERE: http://is.gd/sjHQl5 …and their website is right HERE: http://www.capturetheflag.com/ …they’re good dudes. If you’re looking for bachelor party fun, or weekend fun, that’s a solid bet! 

The Sam Adams Brewery Wins April Fools!

…and finally, bravo to the people at Samuel Adams Brewery, on this April Fools Day ad they posted on YouTube yesterday! A new beer, brewed with helium?

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