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Emily Ratajkowski's New Bikini Pics, A Rap Fan's Guide To Metal, AAA Baseball Twitter Jerseys, & Guy On A Buffalo!

Posted By: JD · 4/1/2014 9:19:00 AM

Emily Ratajkowski’s New Bikini Pics, & Last Round Of MMM!

…it’s the second time this week that we’ve had Emily Ratajkowski kicking off DUDE News. For those keep score at home, today is Tuesday. Now that we’ve established that, you’ll understand why it’s a big deal that she’s her again. Making DUDE News is a tall order, 2 consecutive days is BOLD. Here’s the new bikini pictures that got her here: http://is.gd/GOmZZv …and here’s our final 2 contestants that need your voting for the Miss March Madness title: http://is.gd/mYVMSK …it’s still downright RATTLING to me that Emily didn’t make it out of the sweet 16.

A Rap Fan’s Guide To Metal!

complex.com is a hip hop website, that focuses on rap music and rap culture. Before you yell at me for linking to one of their articles here in DUDE News, hear me out. They posted “A Rap Fan’s Guide To Metal” yesterday, and it’s pretty good. If you’ve got any rap fans you’re looking to convert to metal, this could be a pretty useful tool: http://is.gd/SfTHBg

Twitter Jerseys?

…sports memorabilia dudes, this might be up your alley. With baseball back underway, AAA baseball gimmicks are back for another season, and this one’s kinda cool. The Sacramento River Cats are gonna run jerseys that are themed around Twitter, including having the players’ Twitter handles on the back: http://is.gd/PH9Vqy

Ever Seen “Guy On A Buffalo”?

…and finally, an episode of “Guy On A Buffalo”. In case you’ve never seen an episode, it’s basically old 70’s footage of some dude roaming through the wilderness, riding a buffalo, re-dubbed with a musical story overtop. They’re AMAZING:

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