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Cindy Crawford Looks GOOD, Deport Just Bieber Night, Community Fans Have Reasons For Optimism, & First Trailer For Michael Bay's Ninja Turtle!

Posted By: JD · 3/28/2014 9:16:00 AM

Cindy Crawford Looks GOOD!

…don’t you guys worry. At the age of 45, Cindy Crawford’s still got it, just like fellow 45 year olds Jennifer Anniston and Celine Dion. If you need proof, Cindy’s got a new set of photos endorsing Omega watches. She’s got a deal with them where she takes a bunch of photos wearing swimsuits and their watches, and they give her a ton of money. It’s a big win for everyone, including us casual observers: http://is.gd/3x1Oyc

Deport Justin Bieber Night, It’s A Real Thing.

…AAA baseball is known for it’s gimmicks, hell there’ve been movies made about some of the goofy stuff that happens in minor leagues. This is a new one, and it’s pretty awesome. Some AAA squad in Syracuse is planning “Deport Justin Bieber Night”. It’s on the Syracuse Chiefs’ schedule for August. Don’t believe me? Click HERE: http://is.gd/Nn9jXu

Community Fans, Things Are Looking Good For You!

…things are looking good for fans of Community. Not only is the plan still to do 6 seasons and a movie, but it also sounds like creator Dan Harmon will do just about anything to get Donald Glover (Troy) back for one or both of those things. More on that, and a preview of their animated “GI Jeff” episode next week, right HERE: http://is.gd/KWzTGQ

First Trailer For Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles Movie!

…and finally, the Internet blew up yesterday with the first trailer for Michael Bay’s take on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. CGI ninja turtles, and Megan Fox. If you like either one of those things, or all of the above, have a look:

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