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Nina Agdal Wants Your Miss March Madness Vote, Lee Murray's The Craziest MMA Fighter EVER, Clint Eastwood Has Another Badass Film Coming, & Watch Kevin Connolly's 30 For 30 Episode!

Posted By: JD · 3/27/2014 9:08:00 AM

Nina Agdal Keeps Being Nina Agdal…AWESOME.

…Nina Agdal didn’t make it into the Final 4 of the Miss March Madness tournament by fluke. In addition to grabbing the spotlight with Super Bowl ads and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photos, she also stays super busy shooting bikini pics all year long, around the globe. It’s great news for you and I, because those photos end up all over the Internet, including these new ones for OP swimwear: http://is.gd/SQeRQa

Lee Murray’s Story Is The Definition Of Unbelievable.

…I heard part of this story through an MMA website called MiddleEasy, and a little bit of it yesterday on the Jason Ellis Show. It’s a fascinating tale about an MMA fighter who probably should’ve been the next big thing in the UFC. He allegedly beat up Tito Ortiz in an alley, he fought Anderson Silva, he went 1-0 in the UFC, and that was all before he got arrested after a $97 million bank heist and wound up in jail: http://is.gd/ZxI2JF

Clint Eastwood’s Got Another Badass Flick Coming…

…the next Clint Eastwood movie looks like it’ll be pretty badass. When you’ve been in as many badass flicks as Eastwood, making badass movies just comes naturally, I guess. His next one is gonna be “American Sniper”, and from the sounds of things, should kick some serious ass: http://is.gd/jDuecg

You Can Watch Big Shot Online!

…and finally, found out yesterday, via director Kevin Connolly’s Twitter account, that you can watch that ESPN 30 For 30 episode called “Big Shot” online now. Connolly is the dude who played “E” in Entourage, and he’s a huge New York Islanders fan. This documentary is about how the Islanders were almost purchased for basically nothing, in 1996:

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