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Kea Ho Selling Water, Goats Blood Beer, New Monopoly Rules From YOU, & The Rock As Hercules!

Posted By: JD · 3/26/2014 9:11:00 AM

Kea Ho Makes A Great Case For 138 Water!

…you may remember a couple of months ago, a bottled water company using REALLY hot ladies to sell their product? These photo shoots were popping up all over the Internet, with some phenomenal talent running around with bottles of 138 Water. Apparently this is still a thing, and the latest model’s name is Kea Ho. Aquafina, Evian, SmartWater, Dasani, you might wanna look into this marketing approach: http://is.gd/O6jmGd

Goats Blood And Cranberry Beer?!

…craft brew fans, here’s a new one. The craft game has always been about finding cool ways to play with hops and unique flavours, which leads to some great brews…and some spectacular trainwrecks. Not sure which one we’ll file THIS under. It might just fall under “weird as f***”. Dock Street Brewing has a new brew made with cranberries…and goat’s blood? Inspired by The Walking Dead, apparently: http://is.gd/nJd0kw

New Monopoly Rules…Wanna Help?

…if you wanna have a say in some upcoming changes to Monopoly, you’ll wanna navigate to their Facebook page. They’re crowdsourcing ideas for new rules, from fans, over the next 10 days or so. Hopefully, some of the new rules involve drinking game modifications: http://is.gd/iyIZhE

Check Out The Rock As Hercules!

…and finally, yesterday, we got our first look at The Rock as Hercules, with the first trailer. He’s got a beard and he’s kicking ass/taking names:

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