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Amanda Seyfried In Cowboy Boots, Will Ferrell Cracks Up, DMX Wants To Walk Out Anderson, & A SUPER Cool Rush Video!

Posted By: JD · 3/20/2014 9:18:00 AM

Amanda Seyfried In Cowboy Boots.

…We’re still 105 days away from Stampede, but nobody tell that to Amanda Seyfried, OK? She just did up a bunch of photos for W Magazine, and they’re outstanding. Sure, she’s probably not wearing those cowboy boots for Calgary Stampede purposes, but I like to pretend that’s the motivation. Here’s the photos: http://is.gd/x3FNg7 …and if you haven’t seen Amanda playing porn icon Linda Lovelace, it’s on Netflix. Here’s the trailer: http://youtu.be/4WeFol7PWm0

Will Ferrell Cracks Up, Which Is Rare.

…one of the greatest things about Will Ferrell’s comedy shtick is the fact he almost never breaks character, regardless of role. Will losing his straight face might be rare, but it has happened. Exhibit A is a rare one, but it popped up online yesterday. Here’s Will hilariously falling apart on an old episode of SNL: http://is.gd/yWUkDU

DMX Wants To Walk With Andy.

…Anderson Silva is a pretty big DMX fan. Dude walks out to “Ain’t No Sunshine” every single time he fights. It’s such a sacred tradition, Dana White wouldn’t let another fighter use it for walk out at last weekend’s UFC 171. Gangster. Turns out, X is a pretty big Anderson Silva fan. He wants to walk Anderson down to the ring when he returns, and Dana White’s cool with it: http://is.gd/RpVZ46

Rock N Roll History On Video!

…and finally, some incredible video I really wanted to post last week. Way back when, before Rush was a thing, 17 year old Alex Lifeson convinced his parents to let him drop outta high school and play music full time. Somehow, the whole thing was filmed, and it’s SO COOL.

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