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Brittney Palmer In Fitness Gurl, Kermit And Missy Piggy Interview Ricky, KISS And Def Leppard Are Gonna Tour, & Toews In iPhone Slow Motion!

Posted By: JD · 3/19/2014 9:27:00 AM

Brittney Palmer Is In Fitness Gurl Magazine.

…No, you probably don’t subscribe to (or regularly read) Fitness Gurl magazine. They spell Gurl with a “u”, for God’s sake. However, you may wanna pick up a copy of next month’s issue. One of the patron saints of DUDE News, UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer, is on the cover. And she looks outstanding: http://is.gd/0ysfjC

Kermit And Miss Piggy VS Rocky Gervais.

…yesterday, the TV in studio showed a preview for the next Muppet movie, “Muppets Most Wanted”. I guess I just thought it was further away, but that movie definitely opens this Friday. So, I did some digging, and found a hard hitting interview for the film. Here’s one of the stars, Ricky Gervais, interviewed by Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. http://is.gd/r7ZO9Z

KISS Is Touring Again, DUH.

…remember that time KISS said they were touring for the LAST TIME, and that we should all go see them BECAUSE THIS WAS THE LAST TIME? Well, they’re touring again. Granted, there’s no Alberta dates, so maybe the lie was a white one. Either way, KISS has a new tour that covers basically all of America, and they’re taking Def Leppard with them: http://is.gd/KfDDBH

Toews In Slo-Mo, Thanks iPhone.

…and finally, south-out to the iPhone’s slow motion camera feature, because it makes everything more badass. Case in point, someone sitting in the lower bowl at the Blackhawks/Red Wings game the other night snagged a siiiiiiiick slo-mo video of Jonathan Toews’ goal. I guarantee you watch this at least twice:

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