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Miss March Madness Is Down To 8, Seth Rogen's Weed Smokers List, Wooly Mammoths Might Get Cloned, & Soundgarden Doing Superunknown @ SXSW!

Posted By: JD · 3/18/2014 9:38:00 AM

Miss March Madness Cuts Down To 8.

…and then, there were 8. Miss March Madness voting just got REAL, with our first round of eliminations. For some, heartbreak. For others, a new week with even more serious competition. We’ve got 4 more match ups that require your attention, right HERE: http://www.cjay92.com/MissMarchMadness2014.aspx

Guess Who Seth Rogen HASN’T Smoked Weed With?

…I don’t know if you caught it late last week, but Lindsay Lohan’s list of celebrity dudes she’d banged made news. Still not entirely sure how that chick’s considered newsworthy anymore. In response to that, Seth Rogen gave us a list too…of celebrities he’s smoked weed with. Maybe the biggest surprise?A dude who WASN’T on the list: http://is.gd/J0rK5P

Wooly Mammoths Are Coming Back.

…this is gonna sound like a movie plot, but I swear to God it isn’t. Apparently, we’re gonna be able to clone the wooly mammoth soon. Yup, recreating 10 foot tall, 6 ton hairy beasts. No way THAT ends badly: http://is.gd/TGvRYS

Soundgarden Does Superunknown At SXSW.

…and finally, the South By Southwest gathering down in Texas might be a sea of hipsters wearing ironic clothing and gushing over some really awful bands, but there is some cool stuff that happens during SXSW. Like Soundgarden performing “Superunknown” in it’s entirety. Here’s the full YouTube goodness: 

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