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Sophia Bush KILLS IT In Maxim, Who Mick Mars Wants To Play Mick Mars, The SR-71 Blackbird, & Colorado's Impaired Marijuana Ads Are AWESOME!

Posted By: JD · 3/12/2014 9:29:00 AM

Sophia Bush KILLING It In Maxim!

…if you’re not sure who Sophia Bush is, that’s fine. She’s been in some TV shows you probably didn’t watch, movies you likely skipped, and she’s currently on a TV show called “Chicago PD”, a show I don’t think anyone watches. But let’s not make those reasons to skip her new photos for Maxim magazine. Because, WOW: http://is.gd/T0emn7

Guess Who Mick Wants To Play Mick?

…they haven’t started filming the Motley Crüe movie yet, hell, they haven’t even started casting. But that hasn’t stopped Mick Mars from saying who he wants to play him in said movie. It’s not who you’re thinking, I GUARANTEE it: http://is.gd/EVjl6x

The SR-71 Is One BADASS Plane.

…this link might not have any practical use, but it’s cool as shit. The world’s fastest plane, the SR-71 Blackbird. You and I have literally NO chance of ever operating this thing, so instead, we admire it from afar. It’s a pretty badass chunk of aviation, worth nerding out over for a couple minutes: http://is.gd/uBzIIC

Colorado’s Marijuana Impaired Ads Are AWESOME.

…and finally, now that weed is legal in Colorado, they’ve got PSA commercials running, reminding citizens not to get baked and drive. They went with the humour angle, and nailed it: 

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