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Reebok Gets Miranda Kerr, Anderson Silva's Throwing Leg Kicks, The Ice Cream Cleanse, & Kevin Bacon Raises 80's Awareness!

Posted By: JD · 3/11/2014 9:10:00 AM

Good Move, Reebok. 

…well played, Reebok. Well played. Wanna get people to pay attention to your advertising attempt? Get Miranda Kerr to get naked in it. Genius! For the record, yes, this is the second straight day that Miranda’s kicked off DUDE News, but I swear it’s not my attempt to convince you to vote for her in Miss March Madness. You’re an adult, you can make your own decisions! Here’s the Reebok ad: http://is.gd/m18yDF

Sooooo, Anderon Silva’s Throwing Leg Kicks…

…Dana White is insistent that Anderson Silva is gonna heal up enough to fight before the year 2014 is done. When videos on Anderson training started surfacing over the last month or so, it started to seem a little more feasible. And now, Anderson’s throwing leg kicks: http://is.gd/Pq35Ww

The Ice Cream Cleanse Is A Real Thing.

…early 2014 is when people really start to think about warmer weather and all the shameful things they’ve done to their bodies over the winter. That leads to a couple of things. Increased physical activity, and cleanses. Most cleanses are AWFUL by nature. You basically can’t eat anything fun, and you put your body through some form of hell. Great news, cleanse haters! There’s now such a thing as an ice cream cleanse! Seriously: http://is.gd/BmdWYM

Kevin Bacon’s 80’s Awareness!

…and finally, if you haven’t seen Kevin Bacon’s video looking to raise “80’s Awareness”, it’s FANTASTIC:

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