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Leonardo DiCaprio Dates REALLY Hot Chicks, The 2014 Razzies, Stun Gun Doesn't Disappoint, & Mexican Drug Lords Have CRAZY Houses!

Posted By: JD · 3/3/2014 9:54:00 AM

Don’t Worry, Guys. Leo’s Gonna Be OK.

…I can understand why people might assume that Leo DiCaprio’s pretty bummed after STILL being without an Oscar after last night. But realistically, Leo only needs to look at his bank balance or his iPhone contacts, and he’s probably already WAY less bummed. The rumour is, Leo’s worth about 200 mill. On the female side of things, we can get a little more specific. Here’s a recap of some of the A+ talent he’s dated: http://is.gd/qnE1e3 …a gallery of just the supermodels: http://is.gd/s0qtfl …and photos of his most recent girlfriend, Kat Torres: http://is.gd/rn6xeI Don’t you worry about Leo, he’ll be just fine.

The 2014 Razzies!

…with it being Oscar weekend, it was also Razzie weekend. In case you’re not aware, Razzies is short for The Raspberries, and basically hands out awards for the worst flicks of the year. Maybe the biggest surprise of this years? NO ADAM SANDLER. Here’s the awards: http://is.gd/rqlpVk

Stun Gun Doesn’t Disappoint! 

…you might’ve missed the UFC fights this weekend, either because they were on at like 2 AM Saturday morning, or because they were only available on UFC Fight Pass. The card wasn’t exactly stacked, either. But the main event provided us with a BADASS knockout, thanks to Don Hyun “Stun Gun” Kim. Enjoy! http://is.gd/ESqnmG

Mexican Drug Lords Have Crazy Houses.

…and finally, a look inside the former safe house of a Mexican drug lord, complete with escape tunnels in the bathtub. BADASS:

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