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Elisha Cuthbert's BACK, The Calvin And Hobbes Dude Cartoons For The First Time In 18 Years, Big MMA/TRT News, & Epic Meal Time's Trailer Park Sandwich!

Posted By: JD · 2/28/2014 9:43:00 AM

Elisha Cuthbert’s Coming Back, REJOICE!

…great news for fans of Calgary’s own Elisha Cuthbert! Word is, Elisha’s headed back to your TV screen, not once, but twice! One of those roles will apparently have her playing a lesbian named Lizzy, too. Here’s the recap on the TV shows, and an Elisha Cuthbert photo gallery to celebrate! http://is.gd/9j0FFO

Calvin And Hobbes Creator Cartoons For The First Time In 18 Years!

…when you don’t do something for 18 years, and you were really famous for doing that thing, there’s bound to be some excitement when you start up again. That’s exactly what happened when Bill Watterson did up his first comic in almost 2 decades: http://is.gd/HcPiTd

Big MMA/TRT News!

…big news in the world of mixed martial arts yesterday! For the last couple of years, TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) has played a big role in MMA, to the disdain of many. Yesterday, a big announcement about TRT from the state of Nevada, where a good chunk of MMA emanates from. http://is.gd/BuM3uH

Epic Meal Time’s Trailer Park Sandwich!

…and finally, apparently the dudes over at Epic Meal Time are still doing their thing. And apparently, they decided to cross-promote with the Trailer Park Boys and create the Trailer Park Sandwich:

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