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Brooks Laich's Hot New Ladyfriend, An SoA Video Game, The Sixers Do Something Awesome, & Dramatic British Curling Commentary!

Posted By: JD · 2/19/2014 8:47:00 AM


…let’s start with a round of applause for Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich. I know it’s not necessarily super shocking when a super rich professional athlete scores a super hot ladyfriend, but even the most jaded observer has to agree, Brooks did real well here. He’s confirmed to be dating Julianne Hough. And to tsp that into perspective, on a scale from 1-10, Julianne’s about a 13. Here’s some pics to back that up: http://is.gd/LyW7Fd


…you’ll have to forgive us Sons of Anarchy fans. The offseason is a sad, slow, lonely time for us, without our SAMCRO fix. So when pieces of info like this come down the pipe, we’re inclined to get overly excited about minimal info. Apparently, an SoA video game isn’t far away, and that’s straight from the horse’s mouth, creator Kurt Sutter had some interesting tweets the other day: http://is.gd/PncHXI

Well Done, Philly. Well Done.

…the Philadelphia 76ers might not be a very good basketball team ON the court, but they’re a real classy organization off of it. This story surfaced yesterday, about the Sixers doing something REALLY cool for a young fan with Downs Syndrome. Check it: http://is.gd/P5L9IW

Dramatic British Commentary Makes Curling Cooler.

…and finally, my favourite YouTube video from yesterday, maybe even this entire month. Credit to BBC Radio One, for offering this alternate commentary of women’s Olympic curling. The dramatic British play by play is just so much better: 

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