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Reason #5775 Why You Should Be Watching Shameless, Chad Smith VS Will Ferrell, Flappy Bird Absence Solutions, & EA Sports UFC Looks RAD!

Posted By: JD · 2/12/2014 4:36:00 AM

Reason #5775 Why You Should Be Watching Shameless.

…if you’re already watching “Shameless” on Showtime, then stay with me, you’ll appreciate the link at the end here. If you’re not already watching Shameless, get your mind right! The show’s cast is fantastic, the production is fantastic, the soundtrack is stellar, the storyline keeps you watching, and the female lead is SMOKING hot. Her name’s Emmy Rossum, she plays Fiona on the show, and she’s got some recent photos done for Complex magazine that you should see: http://is.gd/t5zC1b

Chad Smith VS Will Ferrell Should Be GREAT.

…in case you haven’t been following this story over the last week or so, Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith have been going back and forth via social media. The took awfully similar, and through a series of jokes, Chad ended up challenging Will to a drum-off. Yesterday, Will accepted, with a pretty cool charity angle to it: http://is.gd/bjU09R

Flappy Bird’s Gone, Here’s A Couple Options..

…bad news? Flappy Bird is gone. Good news? There’s a couple of solutions. You could buy one of the iPhone’s for sale on eBay that have it installed! But that’d cost $99,000 as of right now. There’s also a spinoff game, that’s web based, that might keep you busy: http://is.gd/DeDr8n


…and finally, let’s mark this down as the video game we’re most excited for in the coming months. EA Sports UFC looks INCREDIBLE, and according to this new trailer, it’ll be pretty lifelike, too: 

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