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Maybe There's A Reason To Watch Vampire Academy, Johnny Weir RULES, Insurgency Looks RAD, & A Baby Watches Superman For The First Time!

Posted By: JD · 2/11/2014 4:28:00 AM

Hey, Who Wants To Watch Vampire Academy?

…I’m gonna need you to stay with me on this first story, OK? I think you should consider watching a new TV show. It’s called Vampire Academy. STAY WITH ME. I know what you’re thinking, ANOTHER shitty vampire show. And you’re right, the show itself is likely awful. But one of the primary females on the show is a stunner. Her name’s Olga Kurylenko. She’s been a Bond girl, she was the hot chick in the “Hitman” movie, and basically I’m not even telling you to watch her new show, more so just encouraging you to click this gallery of Olga photos: http://is.gd/FGxO0I 

Johnny Weir RULES.

…because he’s an NBC broadcaster, you might not be aware of the antics Johnny Weir is getting up to in Sochi. Johnny’s a former Olympic figure skater, now doing commentary on the sport. He’s also openly gay. Given Russia’s issues with the gay and lesbian community, you might think Johnny would be hesitant about going to Sochi. Instead, he’s continued to be as openly gay as any other day, and his outfits have been RIDICULOUS. Here’s the full story, with some pics: http://is.gd/AsYeHu

Insurgency Looks RAD.

…the hardcore gamers have probably already been on this one for a while, but if you’re looking for a new game to play, I just caught wind of “Insurgency” yesterday. It’s only $15, and you can get it for PC or Mac. Looks badass! http://is.gd/BIBBNe

Watch A Baby Watch Superman Fly For The First Time!

…and finally, ladies, if you’ve ever wondered why grown men still get so excited about superhero characters, here’s why. It’s in our DNA. This video of a baby boy watching Superman fly for the first time will tell you all you need to know: 

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