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15 Of Canada's Hottest Athletes In Sochi, Sorkin's PSH Obituary, Billy Guerin's Backyard Rink, & Ryan Stiles' Whose Line Debut!

Posted By: JD · 2/7/2014 5:24:00 AM

15 Of Canada’s Hottest Athletes In Sochi!

…Sochi’s officially underway, and there’s no shortage of Canadian Olympic spirit to be found from coast to coast. You don’t need any incentive to watch Canada’s athletes compete for gold, but it also couldn’t hurt to have a look at this list. 15 of Canada’s most attractive lady winter athletes: http://is.gd/NwQlbf

Sorkin’s PSH Obituary.

…you may not be aware, but Aaron Sorkin, the dude behind The Newsroom and The West Wing, has had some real struggles with substance abuse. He also worked closely with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. So who better to write an obituary for the deceased actor? Sorkin sums it up better than anyone else I’ve heard speak about Hoffman’s death: http://is.gd/XUkKJE

Bill Guerin’s BADASS Backyard Rink.

…apparently ex-NHLer Billy Guerin is still doing pretty well for himself. Dude just built a pretty badass outdoor rink in his backyard. I know, a backyard rink isn’t the typical measuring stick of wealth, but this is no ordinary ODR. The thing cost $500,000 to make, and has it’s own Zamboni: http://is.gd/ZDmNeT

Ryan Stiles Whose Line? Debut!

…and the Internet has this cool way of digging up obscure videos, ones that normally might’ve never seen the light of day. Case in point, this video. Ryan Stiles’ first EVER “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” skit together, all the way back to the British version of the show:

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