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Eddie Murphy's Lingerie Model Daughters, Super Bowl XLVIII: LEGO, SAIT's Phantom Pooper, & Rob Ford's Facebook Look Back!

Posted By: JD · 2/6/2014 9:24:00 AM

Bria And Shayne, You Might Know Their Dad…

…I don’t know if anyone else was aware, but yesterday the Internet blew up with news that Eddie Murphy’s 2 daughters are both modelling lingerie these days. I’m fairly sure if we’d known that Bria and Shayne were lingerie models before yesterday, it would’ve been discussed. Anyways, you wanna see what they look like? http://is.gd/0cQlYy

Super Bowl XLVIII: LEGO Style!

…it’s been well covered that the Internet does have far too much time on it’s hands, but occasionally that means we get some cool material. Such is the case here. Someone, or someones, went to the trouble of recreating the Super Bowl with LEGO. That’s right, Seahawks fans. Now you can watch your team pound the Broncos all over again, with LEGO: http://is.gd/ETS68I

The Phantom Pooper Hath Returned.

…in case you’re not familiar with The Phantom Pooper, he (or she) is one of the greatest villains Calgary has ever known. It all stems from SAIT, it’s a little gross, and it’s not over. We thought it was over last year. Now it looks like we’re far from over: http://is.gd/ej1Iab

Rob Ford’s Facebook Look Back!

…and in case you missed it yesterday, somebody did up one of those Facebook: Looking Back videos for Rob Ford. And it’s SUPER well done, pretty funny stuff:

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