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Alysha Nett Is Tattooed And SUPER Hot, 2014 Super Bowl Ads, Some Dude Might Be Scamming Jeopardy, & Life Looks Better In HD!

Posted By: JD · 2/3/2014 9:28:00 AM

Meet Alysha Nett, She Has Tattoos!

…until yesterday, I’d never heard of Alysha Nett. But she’s not just some random really hot model. She’s a random really hot model with a bunch of tattoos. And I’ve made a personal resolution to include more tattooed girls in DUDE News in 2014. Meet Alysha: http://is.gd/vhd5vX

Here’s Your 2014 SuperBowl Ads

…as you already know, the Super Bowl commercials get just as much love as the game seems to. This year? No exception. Here’s the roundup of yesterday’s ads that were running in the States, while we were watching ads for MasterChef Canada: http://is.gd/NZarjZ

Is This Dude Scamming Jeopardy?!

…unless you watch Jeopardy regularly, you might’ve missed this story. There’s some dude who’s started a bit of a winning streak on the show. But the real story isn’t his streak, there’s been Jeopardy streaks many times before. This is more about HOW he’s winning. http://is.gd/xzMfaV

Life Looks Better In HD!

…and finally, a shoutout to my friend Ken McKay, who linked me this video on Facebook over the weekend. It’s essentially just a bunch of badass life clips. Stunts, nature, cars, extreme sports, bikinis, exploding snowmen, paintball, all kinds of shit. Make sure you watch it in HD!

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