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Meet Estelle George, Book Of Mormon Is Coming To Calgary, 12 Big HBO Sex Scenes, & 3 Years With Shoenice!

Posted By: JD · 1/23/2014 9:27:00 AM

Meet Estelle George!

…don’t you worry, DUDE News is still the same old drill, an area where spoiled train wreck pop stars have no business or mention. We’re still doing the same damn thing over here, and that begins with the DUDE News usual, a really pretty girl. This one’s name is Estelle George. She’s a blonde stunner from Australia, and you’ll more than likely wanna get familiar with her work: http://is.gd/aRmCWX

The Book Of Mormon Is Hitting #YYC!

…this news is actually a couple of days old, internet wise, so apologies to the hardcore Calgary Reddit users who will undoubtedly shout, “I SAW THAT WEEKS AGO!”, when I deliver this piece of news. “The Book Of Mormom”, a wildly popular Broadway musical done by the South Park dudes, is coming to Calgary! http://is.gd/k7RJD2

12 Big HBO Sex Scenes!

…in addition to high end television, there’s something you can count on from the folks at HBO. High quality sex scenes! With that in mind, here’s the first time we saw sex in 12 of HBO’s biggest shows: http://is.gd/FNxwkP

3 Years With Shoenice.

…and you may remember “Shoenice”, the YouTube freak who drank absurd amounts of booze in short amounts of time, and racked up several million views in the process? He’s still very much alive, doing much less startling videos, and getting far less attention. He did, however, make a compilation of his first 3 years of YouTube action, and it’s RIDICULOUS:

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