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Candice Swanepoel Makes Valentines Less S***ty, Some 13 Year Old Already Committed To College Hockey, P.INK Doing Good Things For Breast Cancer Survivors, & Maybe My Favorite Russian DashCam Ever!

Posted By: JD · 1/16/2014 9:31:00 AM

Candice Swanepoel Makes Valentines Suck Less!

…Valentine’s Day is less than one month away, fellow dudes, and if there’s one thing that most men can agree on, be it publicly or privately, it’s that Valentine’s blow chunks. Lame holiday. You know what makes one month til V-Day suck less? These hot Valentines-themed photos from a Victoria’s Secret model named Candice. Enjoy! http://is.gd/yh362Q

Oliver Wahlstrom Is 13, And Already Has A College Team?

…apparently, big things can happen to kids with viral YouTube videos. Look no further than this little dude, Oliver, who scored a pretty badass penalty shot goal at a Boston Bruins mini camp when he was 9 years old. Now, as a 13 year-old, he’s already committed to play college hockey for the University of Maine. Seriously. More on that, HERE: http://is.gd/5cgRZK

P.INK Is Doing Really Good Stuff!

…here’s the feel good story of the day/week/month. The organization is called P.INK, which stands for Personal Ink. And they’re doing something REALLY cool using tattoos to help breast cancer survivors. Just awesome: http://is.gd/LGdnv4

Maybe My Favorite Russian DashCam Ever.

…and finally, I know my love of Russian dash cam videos is pretty well documented, but this might be one of the best yet. It’s a “day in the life” of a Russian dash cam, it’s surprisingly well done, and features music from Flo Rida and Queen. Because Russia. 

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