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Meet Hannah Davis, Check To See If Your SnapChats Leaked, 101 Places To Get Effed Up Before You Die, +Crab Net GoPro Is AWESOME!

Posted By: JD · 1/7/2014 9:13:00 AM

Hannah Davis, Meet The Model!

…I gotta be honest, I was under the impression that Sports Illustrated only did the swimsuit thing for a small portion of the year. Turns out, they’ve got a online feature called Swim Daily, which keys on all the things we love about the SI Swimsuit Issue, but on a daily basis. Amazing! One of their regular segments is called “Meet The Model”, and yesterday’s spotlight was on Hannah Davis. Pictures and video, right HERE: http://is.gd/EIj1eQ

You Should Probably Check To See If Your SnapChat Leaked.

…there’s a lot of dudes who have/had SnapChat on their smartphone, for a variety of reasons. The beauty of SnapChat was supposed to be the fact that images disappeared after 10 seconds. That was until word got out that SnapChat had been hacked. Now, you can find out if your info was leaked: http://is.gd/MYF93W

101 Places To Get F***ed Up Before You Die!

…if I’d known this existed, it would’ve been the perfect Christmas present for your buddies. Maybe next Christmas. Or, you just buy it now, for toilet reading/life planning. There’s a book available on Amazon now, titled “101 Places To Get F***ed Up Before You Die”: http://is.gd/7SyPwT

Crab Net GoPro Is RAD!

…and honestly, I’m not sure why I’ve been on such a GoPro video kick lately, but there’s a ton of GoPro goodness to be found on YouTube. Here’s one attached to a crab net. You’ll be amazed about what kinda stuff a crab net sees through the course of a day.

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