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Georgia Salpa Holds Us Together, The Stockton Thunder Plan Something DUMB, The Rock's Gonna Play A Superhero, & Shaun White's GoPro Halfpipe!

Posted By: JD · 1/3/2014 9:35:00 AM

Georgia Salpa, Helping Us Hold It Together.

…I think we can go ahead and blame the calendar for the slow start to 2014, when it comes to hot chicks. Fact is, it’s been a little slow on the Internet the last couple days, with the first few days of 2014 falling at the end of a week. Rest assured, I’m sure we’ll be fully functional and regular by Monday. For now, a Greek-born Irish model named Georgia Salpa is here to help bridge the gap: http://is.gd/peVSnE

The Stockton Thunder Are Doing Something Dumb.

…the ECHL is a pretty gimmicky AA hockey league. And if there’s one thing you can count on with any semi-pro league, it’s that dumb ideas will pop up on a semi-regular basis. It’s a lot like that Will Ferrel movie, “Semi-Pro”. Case in point? The Stockton Thunder of the ECHL. They’ve decided to let fans colour all over the ice, and then they’ll play a game on it. Seriously. Here’s the proof: http://is.gd/GkScnw

Guess Who’s Joining The Superhero Movie Action?

…from the looks of things, 2014 won’t be any slower for superhero movies. They’re still a huge cash cow, no reason for Hollywood to change a thing. And the next actor to get in on the action? The Rock, apparently. More, HERE: http://is.gd/UjkRTr

Shaun White Takes A GoPro To The HalfPipe!

…and the people over at GoPro continue to do some of the best advertising possible. They film badass things with GoPros, and put them on YouTube. Here’s one of the latest, pro snowboarder Shaun White taking a GoPro into the halfpipe: 

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