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Bar Refaeli's New Photos, Mythbusters + Star Wars, EA UFC's Cover Stars, + BEST GOAL CAM EVER.

Posted By: JD · 12/18/2013 9:31:00 AM

Bar Refaeli’s New Photos!

…we begin with Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, who’s back with another sexy photoshoot. Bar had a difficult 2013. Leo DiCaprio broke up with her, she complained to the media that she can’t figure out why she’s single, etc. These photos are all the proof you need that Bar won’t die alone, and that she’ll likely have another year of being super hot in 2014: http://is.gd/qpjy43

Mythbusters Strikes Back!

…the dudes over at Mythbusters already had a big cult-like following, and their themed episodes only help to expand that viewership. The next big themed episode has been announced, and you knew it’d have to be a big one. The last instalment was inspired by Breaking Bad, and featured Aaron Paul as a cohost. So what’s next? Star Wars! http://is.gd/G9eIoc

EA UFC’s Cover Stars!

…we continue waiting for EA Sports UFC, with baited breath, because let’s be honest, there’s never been a good mixed martial arts video game. Ever. Ever. Last week, we found out what 2 UFC fighters will be on the cover of the game, and here they are talking about themselves in the game: http://is.gd/JcenhM

Best Goal Cam EVER.

…and finally, I don’t know what Chicago Blackhawks game this is from, but I do know it’s the best goal camera footage you’ll ever see. MUST-WATCH:

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