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Leilani Dowding With More Sexy Santa Pics, Milan Lucic's Vancouver Incident, Community's Season 5 Question Marks, + 22 Jump Street: First Trailer!

Posted By: JD · 12/17/2013 9:34:00 AM

Leilani Dowding Doing That Sexy Santa Thing Again!

…good for Leilani Dowding. Second week in a row that she’s made DUDE News, and just like the first time, it’s thanks to some sexy Santa photos she’s done. Tis the season for such things, you know. http://is.gd/IqwPXG

Milan Lucic’s Feisty Vancouver Weekend.

…surely by now, you’ve at least heard a little bit about Milan Lucic’s weekend in Vancouver. After the Canucks beat his Bruins on Saturday, Milan hit the town, and got into a bit of a dust-up at/outside a bar downtown. Yesterday, “Luuuuuuc" had some pretty interesting quotes about the incident, and his hometown. There’s also some video of a portion of Saturday’s incident. It’s all right HERE: http://is.gd/V3Ttyf

Community: Season 5’s Question Marks.

…there’s a lot of fans legitimately concerned about the upcoming 5th season of “Community”, which debuts in early January on NBC. Season 4 was a bit of a dud, and Donald Glover’s character, Troy, will be leaving the show a few episodes into this season. Significant question marks. Yesterday, we got some details on what’s Troy’s exit will be like, and a sneak preview of Season 5: http://is.gd/L0sMli

22 Jump Street: First Trailer!

…and yesterday, everyone was talking about the first trailer for “22 Jump Street”. Here’s the red band version, filled with colourful language, so be careful where you watch:

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