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Luiza Freyesleben, The McLaren MSO 12C, Christmas Gifts For The Road Rager, + First Trailer For Interstellar!

Posted By: JD · 12/16/2013 9:35:00 AM

Meet Luiza Freyesleben!

…remember one of the oldest rules of DUDE News, friends. The harder a lady’s name is to pronounce, the more likely it is that she’s gorgeous. Not always a guarantee, but history has shown this to be fairly true. Consider this young lady more proof. Her name’s Luiza Freyesleben, she’s a Brazilian model, and she’s got a bunch of new photos you’ll wanna browse: http://is.gd/itV1QX

The McLaren MSO 12C Is GANGSTER!

…a little car porn for your Monday morning? Check. The people over at McLaren have a new concept super car, courtesy of “MSO” (McLaren Special Operations). The McLaren MSO 12C is the kinda thing that vehicular wet dreams are made of: http://is.gd/7rHcGf

Christmas Gift For The Road Rager!

…if you’ve still gotta buy a Christmas present for the road eager on your list, great news! You’re about to scratch them off the list. Turns out, you can buy an LED sign for the back window of the vehicle, to tell other drivers EXACTLY how you’re feeling: http://is.gd/LhS9wp

Interstellar: First Trailer!

…and finally, “Interstellar” isn’t just Christopher Nolan’s next big movie, it’s a flick that was shot right here in Alberta! On Friday, the first trailer dropped, and it’s right HERE:

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