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Leilani Dowding Plays Santa, Calgary's $100 Burger, 5 Netflix Shows To Binge On, + Hockey Ref Submits Player?!

Posted By: JD · 12/10/2013 9:44:00 AM

Leilani Dowding Makes A GREAT Santa!

…tis’ the season for a bunch of things. Rumnog, outdoor puck, Christmas in a couple weeks, and of course, pretty girls in sexy Santa outfits. Getting THAT party started is a young stunner named Leilani Dowding. Here’s her Santa poses: http://is.gd/lMtuwA

Calgary’s $100 Burger!

…maybe you’re a real food connoisseur, maybe you’ve got a bunch of extra cash laying around, maybe all of the above. If that’s the case, this might be right up your alley. A local restaurant is offering a fancy new burger, topped with a bunch of fancy gourmet toppings…and priced at $100. Seriously: http://is.gd/DTP4lW

5 Netflix Shows To Binge On!

…thanks to the holidays, December offers some people a bunch of down time, to recharge the batteries on the couch. If you’ve got Netflix, here’s a list of there 5 best shows you can binge on: http://is.gd/3KNoI1

Hockey Ref Submits Player?

…and finally, a video I’ve been meaning to share for a while. It’s from mid-October, featuring a Swedish Hockey League ref using an MMA submission to subdue a player. AMAZING:

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