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Lucy Pinder Ignores American Thanksgiving With Us, Google Earth Real Estate Penises, Home Alone Drinking Game, + Best Doritos Commercial Ever!

Posted By: JD · 11/29/2013 9:17:00 AM

Lucy Pinder Doesn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving, Thank God!

…since it’s Thanksgiving in the States, it’s a little slow for Internet content. But don’t you worry, I’ve been slaving over a hot stove called DUDE News, and we’ve got a slammed Friday edition. We start with a British model named Lucy Pinder, because the British don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so they’re working a regular week like us. Why don’t they celebrate? Because British people aren't thankful for anything. http://is.gd/IJiwty 

Google Earth Gives Us Real Estate Penises!

…that last part escalated quickly, I apologize. Moving along, I really don’t know much about the real estate biz, but I do know enough to know that having a home that’s shaped like a giant penis might make your place hard to move on the market. Inside this link, a bunch of houses with hidden penises on the property, thanks to Google Earth. Yaaaaaaaay! http://is.gd/1PYrow

The Home Alone Drinking Game Is A Thing!

…there’s a Home Alone drinking game. It’s right HERE: http://is.gd/OpGeYK  …there you go, a new holiday favourite!

Best. Doritos. Commercial. EVER.

…and Doritos has brought back that contest where fans submit commercials, and one of them gets to crash the Super Bowl and have their ad run. It’s genius marketing, and results in some pretty funny YouTube videos. Here’s my favourite, hands down. It’s called “Finger Cleaner”:

Prize Password: 

“Thanks to the Home Alone Drinking Game I’ll be blind drunk this holiday season!”

(this password can get you free stuff throughout today, I’d keep it around!)

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