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DUDE News: James Hetfield Soundboard, Dave Grohl's New Band, NFL NY Resolutions, and Betty White's New TV Show!

Posted By: JD · 1/3/2013 11:28:00 AM


...drop everything you’re doing and click this link. Oh, and say goodbye to your prudctivity for the next few hours. The James Hetfield soundboard is a very real thing, and it’s right HERE: http://is.gd/rVwhIG 

Dave Grohl Stays Busy.

...you knew our boddu Dave Grohl wouldn’t be able to sit still very long, during the Foo Fighters’ hiatus. Sure enough, Dave’s already got a side project band set up, and they’ve got a date booked for a major film fest: http://is.gd/eUed60

NFL New Years Resolutions!

...tis the season for New Years resolutions. Whether they’re kept or not is a whole other thing, but everybody’s making them. With that in mind, the dudes over at BroBible put together a list of resolutions for the NFL, one per team. Have a look, and see if you agree: http://is.gd/arevJ2

Off Their Rockers!

...if you haven’t heard about Betty White’s new show, “Off Their Rockers”, you’re missing out. It’s old people pulling hidden camera stunts. Kinda like Johnny Knoxville used to do in Jackass. Have a look: 


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