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DUDE News: More Sex in 2013, The Best Marijuana Christmas Gifts, and a Wheel of Fortune SCREWJOB!

Posted By: JD · 12/24/2012 7:04:00 AM

More Sex For YOU In 2013!
...the dudes over at BroBible.com have contributed to DUDE News a TON in 2012, so it seems fitting that we kickoff the final edition of the year with a story from them. Wanna get laid more in 2013? Here’s a few tips: http://is.gd/Kn3M0n

Happy Holidays, Pothead.
...with legalization in states like Colorado and Washington, it’s been a big year for marijuana. So, whether you’ve got a stoner American relative to buy for, or you’re just looking for nifty new bong to buy yourself for Christmas, here it is. The 10 best marijuana holiday gifts: http://is.gd/JIEhAn

The Wheel of Fortune SCREWJOB!
...depending on how you look at it. TECHNICALLY, she didn’t say it right, when trying to solve the puzzle. That being said, you know what she meant, and clearly had it figured it out. Have a look for yourself:

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