No Senate? No Problem.

Posted By: Gerry Forbes · 11/17/2013 7:43:00 AM

I have been watching the train wreck that involves the three stooges Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau, ditched because of gross negligence and misconduct involving the old expense account and yes they are guilty as charged.

The Senate was initiated to provide an independent point of view not be an open expense account for doing business other than what they were appointed to do, they have clearly failed at this.

Of course they will still get their benefits and pension, which is a joke in of itself, in the public sector, is would be the golden handshake.

These people make $132 thousand dollars a year plus expenses, obviously they didn’t read the fine print in this section not expecting an audit, they also get more money for being a committee chair or speaker so you can pad that bill too.

A Senator costs the Canadian taxpayer $106,264.111 a ...

Here We Go Again!

Posted By: Gerry Forbes · 11/14/2013 7:42:00 PM

Let the Marathon begin, yes my buddies from the oil patch are at it again and even more determined to make it bigger and better this year and Worlds Longest Hockey Marathon is not an easy task to take on.

We had the guys on the show just before the last successful attempt and they were gunning for bear and ready to roll days before the tournament, and we pledged our support for coverage and food, the puck dropped and we were off on May 6th in 2012.

Fast forward to May 16th and the boys were dragging, many sick and 20 pounds lighter with broken bones and the flu, but they pressed on to break the record and log some 246 hours of grueling hockey of blood sweat and tears, remarkable feat of strength from everybody.

The result was presenting the Alberta Children’s Hospital a cheque for ...

iPad? i Don't Know....

Posted By: Gerry Forbes · 11/3/2013 5:16:00 AM

Oh Oh! Look out kids.  A new study this week says your surfing time is coming to a screeching halt, that line has an entire different meaning in Malibu, but I’m talking about the Internet.

The American academy of Pediatrics released a new policy statement this week that will either anger or have parents rejoicing.

I do know the parents that consider the Ipad a baby sitter or a form of relief on long plane or car trips with kids, many use it for the same thing for some quiet time for themselves at home.

They claim that children should be limited to less than two hours of entertainment based screen time per day, I say good luck, most kids spent some eight hours plus on their phones, computers and X-box games.

Just wander through an airport or gaze at a restaurant table and usually 60% of people are using ...


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